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I'm a mom of two grown children, currently a FT caretaker for my Senior mom and a fairly newbie runner starting at the age of 52. I began running after I was treated for Plantar Fascitis and had begun walking for daily exercise using my foot, when the urge to run struck-again! [about 3 yrs into dealing with my feet] (That has been a 5 year process). My foot doctor slowly began the transition to running and has always recommended that when I don't run, I still walk. My first thoughts at running a 5K were in 2009 when a local sportcaster was cochair for the 5K Run For Your Life for Prostate Cancer-he himself was also diagnosed with it. For 2 years I had waited to run and before my first race, I got a flareup-Gary dies the day before the run and they renamed the race in his memory. In 2011 was my first GPR 5K (Gary Papa Run) and I never looked back. I ran a few more runs that year, but ultimately decided that I needed to take off the weight first. I finally found the happy medium but always tend to eat too many carbs and was going to exclude them from my diet-WRONG! So, now I have a goal of concentrating on my weight while not training, but running with what I have until I lose the rest. My training has suffered because I didn't know what to do first so I am still stopping to walk on occasion, but since I plan to run a Half Marathon in November, I know that I have to run more miles and less breaks-so that is where I am beginning this year! ANY advice anyone has would be appreciated. I welcome ALL suggestions!

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Monday, January 7, 2013

January 7, 2013

Well, whatever I had that kept me down is finally beginning to exit!
I spent Wednesday night/Thursday early morning on the bathroom floor-after that it seemed like mountain climbing to actually get out of bed, forget walk the 3 steps to my bathroom…..but5 days later here I am! Went for a 1.79 mile walk early afternoon…going to ease back into this training mode as I do NOT want a repeat visit from whatever that was because I wore myself down! I’ll likely work into 5 miles walking daily before I start completely running all of the miles, but the first race is in March and even though I won’t be racing anything but the clock/and myself, I have a goal of running better than before! Still working on the planning stages of my racing this year, but I have decided that my biggest goal is to finish losing weight thru running and eating better, that is more difficult with the food required to eat for marathon (well. half marathon) training-so I will do what I can with the weight until I have to dedicate everything to 13.1 miles training….my SECOND largest goal this year, but simply to finish!  SO with a HUGE Thank you to all of my support system and FB/Twitter running friends, I will press on-you all inspire me and show me that it may take smaller steps but I WILL get there! (Patience with myself and learning, is NOT one of my virtues!)


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Away we go

So-here we go-new adventure / keeping myself accountable  and adding more exercise to my weekly activities. A real training program, I intend to make it thru the Half Marathon and have more than 10 months to do it in! This is only the beginning….

Update at 9:06 PM-walked 1.38 miles tonight…Back to it in the morning! Goodnight all!