Glenolden/Folcroft, PA

Bio: I'm a mom of two grown children, currently a FT caretaker for my Senior mom and a fairly newbie runner starting at the age of 52. I began running after I was treated for Plantar Fascitis and had begun walking for daily exercise using my foot, when the urge to run struck-again! [about 3 yrs into dealing with my feet] (That has been a 5 year process). My foot doctor slowly began the transition to running and has always recommended that when I don't run, I still walk. My first thoughts at running a 5K were in 2009 when a local sportcaster was cochair for the 5K Run For Your Life for Prostate Cancer-he himself was also diagnosed with it. For 2 years I had waited to run and before my first race, I got a flareup-Gary dies the day before the run and they renamed the race in his memory. In 2011 was my first GPR 5K (Gary Papa Run) and I never looked back. I ran a few more runs that year, but ultimately decided that I needed to take off the weight first. I finally found the happy medium but always tend to eat too many carbs and was going to exclude them from my diet-WRONG! So, now I have a goal of concentrating on my weight while not training, but running with what I have until I lose the rest. My training has suffered because I didn't know what to do first so I am still stopping to walk on occasion, but since I plan to run a Half Marathon in November, I know that I have to run more miles and less breaks-so that is where I am beginning this year! ANY advice anyone has would be appreciated. I welcome ALL suggestions!

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